About Us

Globex is a financial centre that caters to immigrants, tourists and local citizens seeking service solutions to their everyday financial needs in a fast, secure and reliable way.

Starting with one branch in Beausoleil in 2014, Globex has grown in number of branches and products and services offered. At present, Globex is located in Beausoleil, Nice Ville, Nice Riquier, Antibes and Menton (opening in July 2017.) Our current products and services include:

  • Money Exchange, over 70 international currencies
  • Money Transfer, with Western Union, MoneyGram, Sigue, Tempo with Metrobank Philippines and Ria
  • Micro loans, up to € 1500
  • Upcoming: Globex prepaid MasterCards/Visa debit cards

Globex seeks new products continuously and strive to meet client’s best satisfaction.